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  2023 Sponsors

Prize Schedule

Kingfish Division

     1st Place Overall - $10,000

2nd Place Overall - $3500

3rd Place Overall - $2500

4th Place Overall - $2000

5th Place Overall - $1500

6th Place Overall - $1000

7th Place Overall - $850  

8th Place Overall - $750  

9th Place Overall - $600

10th Place Overall - $500

Single Engine Boat Class:

1st Prize $1300;

2nd Prize $450

Youth Angler:

1st Prize $1200;

2nd Prize $400

Lady Angler:

1st Prize, $1100;

2nd Prize $350

*Based on 100 paid boats with 80% of donations paid out; Tournament will pay out 80% of donations and one place for every ten boats entered.    

In/Off Shore Rodeo

Cobia Dolphin Flounder Sea Trout Wahoo Sea Bass Sheepshead Redfish

1st Place Per Species - $850

2nd Place Per Species - $450

** Based on 110 paid boats with 80% payout. Prizes will be adjusted up or down based on number of entries. Tournament will pay out 80% of donations paid out.

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