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Fish of the Season

Our fishing opportunities have drastically improved and the amount of fish weighed has jumped.  For this month of May, we actually have 6 different fish that can be weighed and entered into the contest.  To review, we extended the Early Spring (Drum-Whiting-Pompano) season to run through May 31st.  The beaches are open so these fish are all available.  There are two weeks left in this season.

The current Late Spring (King Mackerel-Cobia-Redfish) has just kicked off and the recent windy conditions have put a damper on getting out.  Only a couple of kings have been weighed so far.  About 6 weeks to go in this event so plenty of time.

City and County Beaches Open
City and county beaches are now open on limited basis. Fishing is permitted. Parking in designated beach parking areas is restricted to Nassau County registered vehicles. State parks have begun Phase One reopening. 

  • Amelia Island State Park (South End) is opening but not the Crady Bridge (I am assuming) because it is a different State Park. 
  • Big Talbot is opening but not Little Talbot which has the beaches. 
For more information on state parks, please visit

Stay safe, Stay Healthy, and see you soon.


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Required Safety Equipment

Boating in Florida requires certain safety equipment. You cannot go out on a boat without the minimum required safety equipment or you can get into big trouble. Understanding the equipment you need will make a big difference.

If you chose to boat with the Jax Boat Club, you won't have to worry about safety equipment. We provide everything you need to meet or exceed the requirements of the Florida laws.

Minimum Safety Equipment for Boats in Florida

The Florida law states that you must have the following safety equipment for any Class A recreational boat under 16 feet in length including canoes and kayaks:

  • Boat lighting equipment

  • Ventilation system

  • A sound-producing device, such as a bell, whistle or horn

  • Fire extinguishers of the right size and type for the boat

  • Visual Distress Signals if on coastal waters or high sea

  • One Coast Guard-approved Type I, II or III Personal Floatation Device for every person on board or being towed.

If you plan to boat on a Class 1 recreational vessel ranging from 16 feet to less than 26 feet in length, you will also need the following:

  • One throwable Type IV device in serviceable condition and USCG-approved.

  • All passengers under the age of 6 must wear an approved Type I, II or III PFD while the vessel is underway.

  • Backfire Flame Control

  • If on coastal waters or high seas, you will need approved visual distress signals for nighttime and daytime use.

These same requirements must be met for Class 2 and Class 3 recreational vessels. Class 2 and Class 3 vessels also need to have both a whistle and a bell that can be heard from one nautical mile away when operating on Federally controlled waters.

It's important to understand the necessary requirements for your specific boat. Fire extinguishers need to be specifically matched to the boat type and length.

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