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Shawn Arnold presents the 2021 Angler of the Year awards to Audrey Schoen and Ed Johnson.

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Leading the charge on handling bull redfish

Everyone likes catching big fish. They put up a great fight, come with serious bragging rights, look super cool in a profile pic and, if harvested, they can feed lots of friends and family. Bull redfish are just one example of a popular saltwater species that have anglers chasing “the big one” for their next fish tale. While there is no doubt that monster reds have rightfully earned their place in the big leagues, any redfish angler worth their salt will tell you 


News Leader Article

At the October Social, we had a guest speaker from the FWC. Terry LaCoss covered the discussion in his Fernandina Beach NewsLeader article.  CLICK Here to see the article and scroll to page 15.

Right Whales

Help us get the word out about how anglers can avoid right whale collisions.

As you may know, last year, there was a collision between a boat operating in a tournament and a mother and calf right whale off the coast of St. Augustine. The boat involved in the collision was luckily close enough to shore to beach itself, allowing crew and passengers to leave the boat safely. The calf in the incident died and the mother was severely injured. The boat was a total loss.

We are hoping the information in this attached flier might help anglers and boaters avoid similar scenarios. We already have had out first right whale sighting off Florida this year.

Can you please share this with your tournament participants or anywhere you feel is appropriate? Also, if you are having an upcoming meeting and would like FWC staff there, we can work on scheduling something.

If you need anything more from us on our end, my contact information is below. Thanks.

Amanda Nalley

Public Information Specialist

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

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How to catch redfish in the winter

By Jack Maris

courtesy of

How to catch redfish in the winter.  We have cold conditions at least compared to Miami.  The water temperatures are usually in the 50s but mid-40s are not unheard of.    Redfish preferred range is 70° to 90° so where do they go when temperatures are below this range.   Redfish do not migrate to avoid cold water but do go deep to find more stable temperatures.

How to Catch Redfish in Winter on Sunny Days

Winter Redfish

Water that floods the flats and shallow creeks will warm during a sunny day.   This is because the exposed creek bottom and mudflats will absorb heat when it is sunny.  When the tide raises the incoming water is warmed by the warm sand and mud.  When the tide drops this water flows out of the flats and creeks.   This presents three opportunities to locate and catch redfish.  Fish the creek or flats entrance as the tide rises.  Fish will follow the rising tide as it enters these areas.  Fish the shallow creeks and flats after they are flooded.    The exit from the creek or flat is another hot spot as the tide falls.

How to Catch Redfish in Winter on Cloudy Days

Winter Redfish

If it is a cold day without sun try fishing the deep water at the entrance to the flats or creek.  Fish will hold along the edge of the deepest water waiting for the sun to do its job.   Redfish are predictable in their search for warmer water and bait to eat.   If you can intercept their daily movement you will catch them.

How to Catch Redfish Presentation

Winter Redfish

Fish with Gulp Swimming Mullet on 1/4 or 1/8th-ounce jighead or minnow imitation hard baits. Mud- minnowsshrimp and small blue crabs if you prefer live bait.  Keep your presentation slow because the cold water slows the actions of both the redfish and their prey.

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